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Around Israel at home





Connect to your family and environmental history, through your mobile device and your heart. 

Sign up and get started at your own pace! 

No need to go anywhere, play from the comfort of your own home. 


This game is an interactive experience, which can be experienced at home or anywhere else, thanks to our mobile app. 


Puzzles, word games and other challenges from Israel. 


As you move through the stations and scan the different barcodes, you’ll enjoy travelling around Israel, discovering fun nature and historical stories. 



Duration : 1-2 hours 


When? Whenever you want! 


Suitable for families with children aged 6-99 and above. 


How does it work? After you sign up, you will receive an email with your invoice as well as the game instructions. This email will also contain a page with all the necessary barcodes, which can be printed or used directly from your mobile device. This game can be played as a competition or simply as a fun family experience. 


What do you need? 


Smartphone, paper, pens/pencils and other common household items. 


 Family price : 35 NIS instead of 69 NIS  

Experience games at home

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Fun and experience


Stories and History


At home or anywhere else

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Tasks and puzzles

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Interactive game

!Book now and you can play at your convenience

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Register and Play
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